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Monday, February 9, 2009
birthday tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

Happy belated 44th birthday to Babu(Pg Hjh Latifah Pg Hj Apong) on the 7th february 2009, happy belated 17th birthday to dearest cousin Hjh NurAdilah on the 7th february 2009 and Happy belated 20th Birthday to dearest cousin kaka Eva on the 8th february 2009. May Allah bless you, di murah kan rezeki dan di panjang kan umur. Amin... :).

lots of love,
Fatin Damia♥♥
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

yeeh, schools in. new school, new books, new subjects, new uniform, new friends, new condition, new teachers. First day in s.hassan was quite okay, half of the students aren't friendly but its okay tho i met couple of new friends, sharifah; a new comer and nani; old student. They're fun to be with. Second day of school was quite fun,too tho text books are not yet given but we had our maths short test tadi, about form 3 topics and after we had our maths, we had our physics, we studied bits and pieces about physics, the teacher was okay and shes fun. and i think physics is FUN coz we studied physics in Sci lab tadi! yeeehee. Annen during recess i went to the Library with izwan and qawi, siuuuuk library nya. Besar and its a two storey library, bigger than my previous school's library.
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nyeeehee. hahaha. i'm back. hello bloggers, readers and people of the world. It's december, its a free month. FREEDOM! So december is a busy month for me, had fencing tournament(SEAFF; sounth east asean fencing federation c'ship) from 3rd december to 12th december 2008. So does dilah and bazilah. We were really really exhausted for the whole 10 days, but overall it was fun coz we got the chance to meet fencers from the other asean countries example like malaysia, spore, philippines, vietnam, thailand and cambodia; they're really friendly and cool to be with, especially the malaysian fencers. The indoor stadium pun packed oleh orang orang fencing saja, audience pun inda banyak, banyak lagi masa last year during brunei darussalam fencing national c'ship 2007. Lapas tournament tu we only had our rest about 2/3 days lapas tu we enjoyed our holiday, we did lotsa thing and we really had fun. School's in in just few more days, and hello 2009! pictures? i'm too lazy to update, batah kan upload. :D :D
Monday, October 13, 2008
fully nervous

sorry for the very very lack updates. i've been so busy as you all know that i'll be facing my upcoming challenging big exam - PMB just a day to go till 16th =/. well, wish me best of luck. thanks :)
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

last night i went to the fencing coaching course closing ceremony, the people who attended the ceremony was, coach Hj, coach rocky, abang mus, abang yunus, coach jimi, jahli, az, ka nina, ka J, hafiz, dayat, ace, syed, me, dil, ka reno and friend, the guest of honour(i don't remember his name), the hungarian coaches and some others, Damian wasnt there :D. It was just a simple closing ceremony, it was held at the stadium theatre, started at 8+ and finished around 9+. After the closing ceremony, we had a little refreshment and then balik. Below are some of the pictures of last night :

hungarian coach, ka j, coach jimi[infront], hungarian coach & bang yunus.

syed[hafiz's right], hafiz, azriah, ka reno and friend[belakang] and me :D

hungarian coach, coach rocky, hungarian coach.
coach haji saying out the speech.

that's it for now maybe, i'm lazy to upload photos. :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

peoplefamilyfriendsiblingsstrangerscousins. funfunfunfunfun & lovelovelovelovelove!

we had family picnic last year, it was fun, not only that, it was hilarious,too! look at our pictures below:

look at dils'(in red with shades) "pacah" face :D

"feeling like in 70's," - baz(in yellow with raybans' shades)

hey, look at us! "loooove is in the ayeer-a-ayeeerr-a-ayeeerr"

Monday, September 8, 2008

i went to this sg-ians footballers punya blog, and i saw picture si nas (bestfriend kami dari lama) and ya punya caption rugged, captionnya - sexiest man of the week and this means si nas is the sexiest man among the other wondersft. I'll show you how sexy he is :
mohd nasrul hafizan bin md noor.

I tell ya, this man, he has the same birthday as mine, 13th november. yatah kami selalu greet each other, funny? no, i dont think so - i think its cooool! having a same birthday with your bestfriend, macam kalau kami celebrate jadi more meriah, yatah. Since ketani kawan for 2 years or should i say kan 3 years plus this year, me,dil,baz and teeqs miss ya man! ♥♥